Solutions & Services

Our decade-long experience has allowed us to craft the most efficient solutions & services which can bring reliable & solid results to our client’s business requirements & problem statements.

Clould Engineering

Venhan is pioneered in Cloud Native Development, Cloud Migration Services & Cloud Managed Services. Cloud Engineering is the most and must require infrastructure.

UX/UI Services

Our elaborated expertise in design has allowed our team to perfect the process of delivering UI and UX services. At Venhan, we follow established design standards, workflows.

Cloud Ops (PaaS, IaaS)

Cloud operations (CloudOps) is the management, delivery and consumption of software in a computing environment where there is limited visibility into an app's underlying infrastructure.

HP2 -Human Potential Platform

At Venhan we believe human workforce as the Human Potential rather any usual resource like any other enterprise resources. We aim to deliver the best human potentials for our client base.

Quality Assurance

At Venhan we defined world-class Quality Assurance approaches and procedures to ensure the quality of software products or services provided to the customers.


Venhan’s team of Mobile App development will help you to create practical and seamless experiences on any device and get the best of mobile technology for your business needs.



Venhan was responsible for CHRIMS offshore operations from Hyderabad, India which has more than 9 years of experience in delivering business critical projects and building business solutions with technology support. Team at Venhan has a strong experience in a various technologies.

Venhan has designed and built a low code, no code framework, IDP (Infinite Dimensional Platform), with which business applications can be built rapidly with minimal development effort and can be seamlessly integrated with existing applications that are in different technologies including classic ASP. Venhan has contributed in profound ways to the development of business solutions that create efficiency for CHRIMS and our clients.

Mark Thurman


For a few years I worked with Venhan so closely, collaborating on a range of projects - including the development and integration of a robust financial settlements system, and implementing a new project management and software development process. On every project, the Venhan team is able to dive in and quickly learn the unique domain and data structures, by showcasing their strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

During the implementation of our new settlements system, our clients requested a review and analysis of their data within the system. Venhan was able to leverage our new tools, as well as their expertise with SQL and Data analysis, made them to collect and compile the requested reports so quickly.

Shuran Wright


The India team is always ahead to understand our line of business and problem statements of our data centers' team here and they would come up with feasible solutions very quickly.

Venhan dev team had an in-depth knowledge base of both backend and frontend systems as well as agile/scrum techniques which provides a solid foundation for product management.

Their Project Management team is quite friendly and professional in terms of timelines during all of our crucial deliverables. They brought the rich experience and a record of proven accomplishments of the Onsite/ Offshore model which is appreciable.

Curtis Bauer

Product Owner

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Venhan is into software development & maintenance with a sturdy experience of 10+ years by delivering high-quality software solutions globally with many happy clients.

At Venhan, with our ability and experience in building highly complex but scalable and performance-oriented software systems, we cater to the most demanding markets and customers. Our clients just focus on what is important to their business and leave their software to us, after all that's what we do the best.

Venhan deals with business technology development and consulting, variety of IT solutions and IT services by furnishing the measurable, value enhanced IT deliverables & quality heightened support to its stakeholders located globally.

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